How “special” is the coffee you are drinking?

I have had the opportunity to ask some coffee lovers to give me reasons for drinking coffee and most of them mentioned that coffee helps them to be awake/alert in the mornings. But when I asked coffee drinkers about the quality of the coffee that they were having every day, no one knew how to differentiate a high-quality from a low-quality coffee.  Therefore, I strongly believe it is important to educate the final consumer about the quality of the coffee.

Ted Lingle and the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) developed a 100-system for evaluating coffee (similar to the system for appraising wine) where coffee scoring over 80 points are said to qualify as specialty coffee. Therefore, beans in this range are considered out of the commodity category and worthy of serious consideration as fine coffees.

“Quality coffees come from small farms in privileged climates where a compulsive artisan is at work.”

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“Specialty coffee is coffee that makes you think. It makes us think about what we taste, what we feel, and how that coffee influences the world around it.”

In the northern region of Peru (Jaen, Cajamarca), we find hardworking farmers producing unique high-quality coffee. The weather, altitude and soil conditions play a crucial role to harvest this golden product.

Hence, if you are interested in Peruvian coffee, please reach out to me by using the contact button on this website. The harvesting season will start at the end of April and/or beginning of May this year.

Below, please have a look at a short video of one of the farmer’s crops.



  • Coffee by Robert W. Thurston, Jonathan Morris, and Shawn Steiman. 2013.


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