Peruvian Coffee is everything!

Can Peruvian farmers say that coffee beans are bread? They probably can. I spent a lot of time harvesting the red and yellow coffee berries during my childhood and youth. Therefore, I clearly remember that my parents used to encourage me to keep harvesting by telling me that coffee beans become bread. Being a child, I did not understand very well how that “transformation” worked, but what I realized was that every time my dad sold green coffee, he brought home bread with him – for those who have never been to a rural area of a developing country, bread is one of the most valuable kinds of food for children as it probably is for adults as well.

Peruvian coffee is more than bread.  It is the main source of an income for many farmers in Peru. Thanks to coffee, farmers can satisfy their basic needs such as shelter, food, clothes, etc. It also helps with the education of their children. For these reasons, coffee means a lot for Peruvian coffee farmers.

Peruvian coffee is an atypical coffee. Climatological conditions make it a unique product in the region. It generates a broad production of organic and special coffee with high cup points. Another characteristic of the Peruvian coffee is that it attracts business people from different countries. As an example, many American roasters, coffee shops, and importers prefer having Peruvian coffee on their table. I also personally have seen Peruvian coffee in supermarkets like Kroger and Walmart in the United States.

To sum up, the coffee produced in Peru has a valuable meaning to its people and foreigners. A mix of internal and external properties make this product different from the others in South America. Peruvian coffee is bread; more than this, it’s unique. Hence, it is undeniable to state that Peruvian coffee is everything!

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